Today I woke up at 4 o'clock with an allergic reaction (pollen). At 6 o'clock I read about the tragic news on facebook. A car accident had happened and the people involved were very injured. Rest In Piece to the guy who died. I didn't know you that well, but we went in the same school/year before I moved <3

The rest of the day has been ... hard. I still have my allergic reaction and I feel crap. But still tanks to my sister who made my day a bit happier! :):) I love you <3

see yaou!
//Ms. Clixx <3<3


And so Speech day suddenly came and we all were very happy!

Except my feet.. -.- I had my heels on from 7 o’clock in the morning to 5 in the afternoon. Geeez what my feet hurt after that! I could not walk for the next couple of hours :p

This is me right after I came home :):) I guess the happiness is not too hard to miss :P On Monday I am going to SWEDEN! See you there bitchess!


Hope you have great summer holiday!!
//Ms. Clixx <3<3


Today has been a  chiillyy day and I guess tomorrow will be too, since it is the last day of school! I am soooo tired right now... in generall, but still I am going to bed now, or soon. When I have finished writing this :)

I love when photos are in/out of focus, and this one is a good example of it :) Today I just finished my art project in school, which have been working hard on for a while.. but, those pictures contains in focus and out of focus with blurr :)

Thursday tomorrow, and after Thursdays comes Friday!
//Ms. Clixx <3<3


Two more days and then speech day! After speech day it is summer summer vacation!

Today has been a day full of nothing, which can be important too! It started with IB dp preparing, which made me a bit scared for next year.. :s but still excited, I think it could be fun :) But then some people will move away, and some I will miss a lot :(

well, well, no more homework! and the two last days will be chilly. Then its speech day :) Tomorrow I will have:
P.E: Gymnastics
Biology/Chemistry: watch a movie
Humanities: watch the newscasts we made (ours is hilarious!)
Art: Working on my project :)
and finally free period

this picture is taken on Moléson, anyway, you cant see the enormous views...

Hope you are enjoying your Tuesday evening !
// Ms. Clixx <3<3


Today has been a long day at school. Not so much work, but even though I had to stay and do my art project. It is almost finished now, but it is due on Wednesday and there is stilla bit to do :)

This is a picture taken in Montreaux, a village 45min away. Montreaux is famous for their music/jazz etc. festivals.

//Ms Clixx <3<3


Only one more week of school, then summer vacation and we will be as free as the bubbles! Flying around the world, doing exactly what we want (almost) and just live our lives!!

Enjoy your holiday!
// Ms Clixx <3 <3


Partyy Partyy last night! Thank you everyone :) I had a good time. Just bit strange or weird that I woke up with a big scar on my ancle.. :s And I have just NOOOO idea how I got it. :)

// Ms Clixx <3 <3


So who am I?
I am from South Sweden but I have since a year back lived in Lausanne -Switzerland. I am in High school on an International School here, so in English. That is also why I have chosen to write in English on my blog. I have one more week to go before my summer vacasion starts, and when the autum comes I will start the IB Diploma. I love photography and atlhetics, and that is what I fill my spare time with :)

This is some Landscapes of switzerland :):) (not the view from my window though.. though I wish ;))

// Ms Clixx <3 <3


Helluuu! I am new here on My last blogsite was and you are welcome to visit it! But it fucked up the last month I used it, so I could not upload anything but text, which I thought was boring :/ hehe!
I hope this will work better and I am looking forward to start! :D

I offer you two clix taken by me, in my garden :)

// Ms Clixx <3 <3

Välkommen till min nya blogg!

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